Sunday, June 28, 2009

What Happens at Flameburger Stays At Flameburger

This morning, I went to flameburger for breakfast. I realized something important: what happens at flameburger stays at flameburger. Especially for the old men perusing the hot, fresh crop of waitress that FB has to offer. A couple of things I overheard are noted below.

NOTE: if you are unfamiliar with Flameburger, and/or our terminology, nicknames, etc used, please read this.

OH #1

Old men sitting at a booth. Blinds closed. Mom (wearing shirt with unbuttoned top) goes over to the booth, leans over the table and opens the blinds.

OLD MAN #1: "Can you do that again?"

OH #2

Another old man, with his wife (I assume) at the booth next to the group of old men. Wife gets up to go to the restrooom. Mom comes over to take the order from the guy.

OLD MAN #2: "You know what I want? .... A first date."

Wife comes back to the table, breakfast is ordered.

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