Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Post About My Favorite Hilltop, MN Diner

This morning's breakfast at Flameburger was amazing (even better than yesterday)

Those of us at the house have names for the regular waitresses. We call them "Mom" "Big Sister" "Aunt" and "Step-Mom".

Today Casey and I were served by Mom. She was total sweetheart of course, smiling, blinking, loving. Yeah, she's a milf. We gave her our best "please's" and "thank you's" as she filled our coffee up every 2 minutes. However, we were supremely out-played by a group of awesome old men. They were hugging mom, hitting on mom and massaging mom's back. She was loving it, sitting on their laps and continuing conversation.

Then just when I couldn't be any more jealous and impressed, 2 more old men come in and sit at the counter. "What happened to your specials?" one of them asked Mom, pointing to the erased special board. "We don't have specials on Sundays anymore" Mom said back (or something like that).

Old Man: "I thought you were the Sunday special"

Check. Mate.

wow. never have i been more amazed by a zinger than that. hats off to you old man. I sure hope I am that smooth when I am old.


AGNTPLZ said...

david lynch, and wes anderson are having casting calls.

jason said...

thanks again noah for making absolutely no sense at all.

stacey said...

i was going to leave a comment on how this post was awesome, but i think i like the comments to it even better.

meet said...

who is your least fav?

Randy Crouton said...

That Flameburger is the perfect late night treat... especially if you're coming from Mady's. And the waitresses are total granbabes.